Under construction. Thank's to everybody for this spring and summer season. Results have been great as always and a lot of big ones has cathed in. Thank you also for supporting Finnish artisan handcraft. But now it is time to do some maintenance work for the manufacturer himself. I'm under construction after today and hopefully I'm back to workshop in september. Webshop is open, but shipment continues after I'm in working condition. Tight lines to everybody and I will be back soon. BR, Petri Rutanen

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Including bait holders + sticks and tubes

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DIY -packages


30 pcs UV Green-bait holder

90,00 €

30 pcs Glow-bait holder

90,00 €

30 pcs Chrome-bait holder

100,01 €

50 pcs Chrome-bait holder

164,99 €

30 pcs Pearl-bait holders

90,00 €

30 pcs UV-bait holder

90,00 €

30 pcs Clear-bait holder

90,00 €
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