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The Salsa Flasher is designed to enhance the performance and movement of lures used in trolling and to stimulate prey fish to attack. With its wide variety of swimming actions and extremely easy adjustment options, the Salsa Flasher takes the performance of flies, wobblers, spoons and bait holders to an entirely new level. Well suited to a wide range of trolling speeds, the Salsa Flasher is ideal for trolling for all prey fish. The Salsa Flasher features five different (L1–L5 and R1–R5 ) barrel-shaped swimming actions which spin around the longitudinal axis, both clockwise and anticlockwise. The radius and frequency of the spinning action is adjusted by changing the connection point. In addition, the flasher features two connection points in the middle, which produce differently bucketing and erratic swimming actions (C1 and C2). The Salsa Flasher also includes a continuous control mechanism for quick and easy adjustment of leader length. The versatile adjustment options offered by the Salsa Flasher allow you to choose the most suitable and effective action to match your fishing technique and the prevailing weather conditions.

The Salsa Flashers are equipped with high quality ball bearing swivels and premium grade leader line. The product is supplied with spare snaps and clamping tube.


Some Basic Tips For Setting The Swimming Action: 

  • When the water temperature is higher, it is advisable to choose faster and brisker swimming actions and short leaders (approx. 60–100 cm in length). When using a bait holder in combination with the flasher and the action is revolving, it is advisable to set the bait and the flasher to spin in opposite directions. This creates breaks in the rhythm of the bait.
  • When the water temperature is lower, it is advisable to choose longer leaders for slower actions (approx. 100–220 cm in length). When using a bait holder in combination with a flasher and the swimming action is revolving, it is advisable to set the bait and the flasher to spin in opposite directions. If you are using brisker, more aggressive action with bait holder during the cold season, it is advisable to set the flasher and the bait to spin in the same direction.
  • In selecting a leader line, it is advisable to choose a line with a diameter of 0.50–0.60 mm. A thicker line transmits the movement of the flasher more faithfully to the lure. Alternatively, you can leave out the swivel located at the back of the flasher and tie a continuous leader, which allows the spinning movement of the flasher to be transmitted more faithfully to the lure following it. In this way, you will create more spinning in a trolling fly or more breaks in the swimming action of the bait holder.
  • The Salsa Flasher is designed for use with the Salsa Bait Holder.

Basic Description Of Swimming Actions:

When using connection points L1–L5, the flasher spins clockwise. Respectively, from connection points R1–R5 the flasher spins anticlockwise. 

Connection points L1/R1, L2/R2 and L3/R3 give the flasher a large and powerful swimming action. Using these connection points creates a lot of additional movement in the lure. The radius and frequency of swimming action decreases when using connection points L1/R1 Tolerance for trolling speed increases at the same time. Connection points L1/R1 are best suited for warm water, active fish and slow trolling speed. Connection points L3/R3 are best suited for cool water or warmer temperatures with a higher trolling speed, when the lure needs additional movement (compare with L4/R4 and L5/R5). From connection points L2/R2 the movement of the flasher falls between the two swimming actions described above.

Using connection points L4/R4 and L5/R5 gives the flasher a small and peaceful swimming action. Using connection points L4/R4, the flasher generates additional but calm action and creates quiet sparkle in the water. Using connection points L5/R5 does not yield more movement in the lure, but creates quiet sparkle in the water which attracts fish closer to the lure, yet without scaring the more timid fish away. These swimming actions are at their most effective when used in cold water with timid species and in high trolling speeds. Using these connection points, the flasher has a minimal water resistance.

Using connection point C1, the flasher features a rapid kick combined with a calmer side to side motion. Using this connection point activates the flasher’s diving qualities, which should be remembered to avoid line tangling or touching the bottom.

Using connection point C2 gives the flasher a powerful swimming action characterized by irregular bumping from one side to the other. Trolling from connection points C1 and C2 (when using a downrigger), the anglers should start with shorter release lengths in order to learn the scope of flasher action in their own trolling speed.

These instructions are only general guidelines. It is well worth trying different variations and learning more about the spiritual life of fish in the process.


  1. C1
  2. C2
  3. R/L1
  4. R/L2
  5. R/L3
  6. R/L4
  7. R/L5
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